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The Song of Solomon, Between Two Men :icondiddles25:diddles25 7 27
I Will Cherish Your Darling Image Forever
Chì mi fhath’st a dhealbh, aghaidh bhòidheach milis,I still see his image, his beautifully sweet face,
‘N aghaidh fhèin nach urrainn dhomh dhìochuimhneachadh, och,The very face that I cannot forget, alas,
Oir tha cuimhne agam air an fhìrinn chruaidh nachFor I remember the harsh truth that
Urrainn dhomh a bhruidhinn càil ris-san air m’ fhìrinn…!I cannot speak to him about my truth…!
O, tha e cho maiseach ris a’ ghaisgeach Naoise,O, he is as fair as the warrior Naoise,
Ris a’ ghaisgeach Diarmad Ò Duibhne, ruiteachAs the warrior Diarmad Ó Duibhne, rosy-cheeked
‘S an fhuilt fhithich, fèitheach mar an ìomhaigh fhoirfe,And of raven hair, muscled like a flawless statue,
Sùilean ionmhainn chnotha-challtainn ‘s guth na meala…Darling eyes of hazenut and a voice of honey…
Th’e air geall a-chean’ air
:icondiddles25:diddles25 6 12
The Hunger of the Heart
An dèidh na mòran mhìosan seo gu bheil miAfter these many months that I have
Air m’iarraidh a mhùchadh, ‘bacadh acraisStifled my longing, restraining a hunger
Gun cagainn agam, ‘tulgadh ‘theicheadh, ‘s tòcaidhThat shall gnaw at me, jostling to escape, and
Mo mhothachaidhean…My feelings swell…
Mo mhothachaidhean, sannt a chaoineadh ‘n aghaidhMy feelings, a lust to weep against
A’ bhroillich leathainn fhir, ‘na amhach fhearailThe broad bosom of a man, in his virile neck
Fad ‘s gun cùm sinn a chèil’. Och, chan eil mi leWhile we shall hold each other. Alas, I am not
Deòin fhuireach tuilleadh…Willing to wait any longer…
Nach urrainn mi a chumail corp blàth rùin fadThat I cannot hold a lover’s warm body while
‘S gun cneudaich e mo ghruag fad na h-oidhcheHe strokes my hair during the
:icondiddles25:diddles25 4 4
I Miss You And I'm Sorry
I miss your beautiful big eyes
And the way they blinked when you were surprised;
I miss your warm breath on my skin
As you rubbed your nose against my chin;
I miss your cute little snores,
The ones you made with the runny nose;
I miss the way your head would tilt
And how you slowly fell asleep just for it to wilt;
I miss the way you meowed when I woke you up to eat,
The way you lighted up when you got a treat,
I miss your tiny teeny paws
And how they scratched my hands with their small sharp claws,
I miss your furry tummy
And how it hugged my neck as you slept against your mommy,
I miss your ears and tail and all the little things,
But I miss you more than anything.
And I’m sorry, I’m so sorry
For all the times you’d wait,
For leaving you again
And coming back too late.
I’m sorry, ‘cause I loved you,
I loved you all nine lives
And I know how it feels to wait
For someone who just won’t arrive—
And I’m sorry, I’m so sorry
:iconiao-kamirru:Iao-Kamirru 61 80
I seized the last of winter’s evening light
Dusting earth in dimly somber white,
The poor door of my home so old it spoke
As I stepped out to grasp the fading sight;
And looking upon my house of tired oak
—So full of time that sweeping eyes evoke
The many works of faithful days and hands,
Of carefully carved wooden hearts that broke
With every friend I lost, as grief demands—
Filled with possessions no one understands:
A room by books and letters overrun,
The yellowed heaps where the newspaper stands;
And having neither daughters nor a son,
I then despaired I haven't even one
Who lives to cling to memories, to stay
With me in ageing till my days are done.
Through silent wintry thoughts I fly away
As snowfall on a fading yesterday,
And by a house of ruin and decay,
I weep with all my heartache on display.
:iconfrank-jaspers:Frank-Jaspers 26 13
Solidarity of the Oak
On the country road the old oak tree
Will teach me lessons on eternity
By congregating with the sky and me,
Repeating always ‘solidarity.’
For always windswept aggregated leaves
Will unify as one their humble strength,
Cry down the wind and winter cold as thieves,
Disparage what divides their age and length.
So as a withered leaf consumed by wind
Whom the impenetrable nights will send
From what is known into the deep unknown,
I’m heavy with eternity, the strong
Swift breath of time; though in my voice a song
Of solidarity proves I’m not alone.
:iconfrank-jaspers:Frank-Jaspers 23 17
Don't Test Your Luck
I'm gentle and kind
I have a pleasant state of mind
I'm an angel first
Well that is until I get a thirst
I have no limits with some
Others it depends on the outcome
Some can push my buttons
And that's when the insanity seems to cut-in
My cheery disposition snaps
And the personality you knew will collapse
I become a bit sadistic
And some might say linguistic
Push me too far and I will break
And you will see my other side awake
The side of me I'm not proud of
But some just seem to shove
So heed my warning
Or you might find yourself in mourning.
Careful little Chickadees,
don't bite off more than you can chew,
or it might come back to haunt you.
:iconvividwanderer:VividWanderer 5 0
Mature content
Senseless Cruelty :icondiddles25:diddles25 6 10
A new artist added me to his watch! He's got over 61,000 views on his blog!

I can't believe someone so popular likes my work! Oh my goodness!!!!
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